Data Plastique was born in 1984 of the desire of a team to create a tool bringing together machines for processing by injection of thermoplastics.

The main operation of our staff is focused on the control of the finished product and the respect of the deadlines. The 14 injection molding machines and 24 employees today make Data Plastique a production site capable of meeting the demanding quality challenges.

Pharmaceutical & Medical

Expert in the creation of high precision parts for pharmaceutical centers and several European laboratories.


Specialist in the realization of thermoplastic assemblies and sub-assemblies for the aeronautical market.


Plastic injection for the field of cosmetics has become a field of expertise of our company.


Trust service in the realization of parts for automotive companies that produce global automotive solutions.


Injection of precision elements, overmoulding of inserts, assembly of assembly of parts, ultrasonic welding, etc.

Anxious to provide our customers with a state-of-the-art offer, our structure is continually equipped with the best equipment.

At each stage of our production chain, each employee is committed to meeting all customer needs. Inventory management is a key element in ensuring consistent supplies and parts availability.

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60540 Bornel, France

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